Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra

Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra tour 2018

Richard Bach writes in his book Illusions: “members of a family are rarely born under one roof”. There is no more fitting description to present the Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra.
Born in Barcelona as an evolution of the Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra, the band is composed of seven musicians from six different countries: the voice is enchanting Sandra Sangiao, coming from Catalonia; Accordionist Mattia Schirosa arrives from Italy; Stelios Togias, the percussionist, comes from Greece; Julien Chanal, the guitarist, is French; Ivan Kovacevic, the bass player, arrives from Serbia; Dani Carbonell on clarinet, is Spanish and Oleksandr Sora violinist from Ukraine.

In March 2018 the new album Avo Kanto was released, which represents the continuation of the journey started two years ago with Od Ebra do Dunava. Considered a faithful representative and innovator of Balkan music in Europe, the orchestra has released an album that refers to tradition. Avo Kanto means in Esperanto, in fact, “song of the ancestors”. The Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra brings us back to the tradition with songs that affect the souls of different generations and unite worlds that are distant in appearance.

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